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Rutgers NJAES Calendar: All Somerset County Events

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July 2020
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Wed., July 1

Nine Staple Foods of the Mediterranean Eating Plan (Wellness Wednesdays wit...

Thu., July 2

Fri., July 3

Sat., July 4

Sun., July 5

Mon., July 6

Tue., July 7

Wed., July 8

Make Time for Snack Time (Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS)

Thu., July 9

Fri., July 10

Sat., July 11

Sun., July 12

Mon., July 13

Tue., July 14

Wed., July 15

Mindful Family Meals (Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS)

Thu., July 16

Fri., July 17

Sat., July 18

Sun., July 19

Mon., July 20

Tue., July 21

Wed., July 22

Easy Changes, Make Healthy Eating a Habit (Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS)

Thu., July 23

Fri., July 24

Sat., July 25

Sun., July 26

Mon., July 27

Tue., July 28

Wed., July 29

Let's Go Nuts (Wellness Wednesdays with FCHS)

Thu., July 30

Fri., July 31


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