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Fall Equine Vaccination Clinic

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Date: Friday, November 6, 2020
Time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Location: Cape May County
Cape May County, NJ
Description: A second Equine Health Clinic will be offered on November 6th.The primary purpose of this clinic is to booster Influenza-Rhinopneumonitis vaccines to provide disease prevention until April. Any horse that is in contact with other horses through showing or trail riding needs a booster every six months. And, although the vaccine companies say the encephalitis vaccines are safe for a year, six-month boosters are recommended for horses at high risk or those that may have a stressed immune system.Older horses may need additional precautions. According to the University of Kentucky Extension, it is important that owners maintain geriatric horses on a regular vaccination program that keeps them up-to-date on all core vaccines. For older horses that still travel and compete regularly, consult your veterinarian for additional vaccination advice. Deworming is also important this time of year to prevent tapeworms and bots. Equimax has been specifically chosen for that purpose.
Registration Deadline is Friday, October 30th. To register, call Nancy Rothenbiller at 609-827-3485 between 3:30 - 8 pm only.
Sponsor(s): Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Cape May County
Contact: Nancy Rothenbiller, 609-827-3485 between 3:30 -8 p.m.
More Info:,_final.pdf (PDF)