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Pond Design, Management, and Maintenance (ONLINE) (Day 2 of 2)

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Friday, April 15, 2022


8:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.




Dr. Stephen J. Souza, Clean Waters Consulting, LLC


This online class is meant for pond owners, pond managers, landscape architects, engineers, and anyone involved with the design, management, or maintenance of ponds! It is structured to help you make the proper decisions regarding the appearance, function, or up-keep of your pond.

Starting with design, learn how to build a pond, including the construction of embankments and dams and the selection and installation of liners. You will also learn how to create and maintain a stable shoreline, create and aquascape littoral benches, and optimize habitat for fish and aquatic wildlife.

In terms of the long-term maintenance of ponds – whether constructed for stormwater, irrigation, fishing, or aesthetic purposes – learn how to:

Properly select, use, and apply aquatic pesticides to control invasive aquatic weeds and algae;

Make use of non-pesticide, environmentally friendly techniques to control invasive aquatic weeds and algae;

Design and implement a dredging project, including the proper navigation of the environmental rules and regulations; and,

Correctly select, size, and install various types of aeration systems.

Additionally, discover new ways to maximize the aesthetics and wildlife attributes of your pond using aquascaping and bioengineering techniques! This innovative approach combines landscaping and evolving engineering solutions to correct eroded shorelines, create and maintain stable and attractive vegetative shorelines, and integrate native, non-invasive, easy to maintain, and attractive plant species into the design of new ponds or the retrofit of existing ponds. Some of the topics covered include:

Establishment and enhancement of fish habitat;

Stabilization of undercut and failing pond embankments;

Creation of buffers for nutrient and pollutant removal; and,

Implementation of vegetative strategies to control Canada geese.

Additional focus is placed on the management of stormwater basins with respect to MS4 compliance requirements. This will cover inspections, maintenance, repair/enhancement, and reporting/record keeping.


Early Registration Fee: $375.00 (on or before March 24, 2022); Registration Fee: $395.00 (after March 24, 2022)


Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education


Suzanne Hills, 848-932-7234