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Webinar: Using Sanitizers in a Postharvest Setting

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Thursday, December 8, 2022


12–1 p.m.




Donna Clements, Meredith Melendez, Wesley Kline, Jennifer Matthews


Lunchtime On-the-Go On-Farm Food Safety Webinar Series for the Busy Grower

12:00-1:00, 45 min webinar, 15 min Q&A. This series is Free! Connect with computer, the mobile app, or by calling in!

You will get the link to sign on or call in a few days before the event.

Using Sanitizers in a Postharvest Setting: Selecting a Sanitizer and Understanding its Label

Growers are taught “the label is the law” but finding the right information and understanding what the language means can be difficult. This webinar will make understanding and following the label instructions more manageable in the postharvest setting and discuss the FSMA Postharvest water compliance requirements and timeframes.

At the end of the webinar participants will understand:

-EPA labeling, what to look for and what it means
-Ideal chemistries for use in surface sanitation and postharvest water
-Best practices for sanitizing surfaces and postharvest water
-Management of postharvest sanitation systems
-FSMA Postharvest water compliance dates
-Presented by: Donna Clements, Produce Safety Alliance Coordinator and NE Regional Extension Associate, Food Science Cornell AgriTech.

Deadline to register December 5, 2022

For more information contact:
Brandi Williams , Agriculture Secretary
P: Ext. 1,




New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Brandi Williams, 856-451-2800, ext. 1