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Fri., December 1

Managing Turfgrass Insects

Assessing Neonatal Brain and Cognitive Development in the Preclinical Pigle...

Edible Insects and Human Evolution

Winter Farm Market

Implications and Applications of Nanotechnology

Assembly of beta-lactoglobulin/oligochitosan nanoparticles

Hydroxlipids: Significance and analytical methods

Fermentation Club Seminar:

Responsible Drinking Happy Hour

Sat., December 2

Sun., December 3

Mon., December 4

Soil and Plant Relationships

Tue., December 5

Wed., December 6

Regulatory Training in Underground Storage Tanks

The Gut and Growth

RULA Lecture - Resilience as a way of life: What can we learn from the Dutc...

Operation & Maintenance of Pumps

HEC-RAS: An Intensive Three-Day Workshop

Thu., December 7

Regulation of the Gut-Brain Axis Through Nutritional Support of the Microbi...

Alteration of ecosystem processes through rapid environmental filtering of ...

Operation & Maintenance of Pumps

HEC-RAS: An Intensive Three-Day Workshop

Fri., December 8

Winter Farm Market

Plant Biology Core Seminar An Overview of Foundation Plant Services and an ...

Curcumin as a candidate for nutraceutical or pharmacological applications

The effects of electron beam irradiation of food packaging films

Fermentation Club Seminar:

Operation & Maintenance of Pumps

HEC-RAS: An Intensive Three-Day Workshop

Sat., December 9

Sun., December 10

Mon., December 11

Tue., December 12

In situ Technologies for Site Remediation

Wed., December 13

Last Day of Fall Classes

Improving Your Time Management Skills

Hazardous Tree Identification

Thu., December 14

Reading Day

New Jersey Fertilizer Recertification Program

Why buy local food? Investigating whether contemporary local food systems a...

Fri., December 15

Exam Days (Day 1 of 7)

It's Not the Economy — It's You!

Winter Farm Market

Sat., December 16

Exam Days (Day 2 of 7)

Sun., December 17

Exam Days (Day 3 of 7)

Mon., December 18

Exam Days (Day 4 of 7)

Growing Ornamental Plants

Tue., December 19

Exam Days (Day 5 of 7)

Understanding Sustainability Management

Basics of Turfgrass Management

Wed., December 20

Exam Days (Day 6 of 7)

Water Management and Drainage

CORE Training Program for the NJ Pesticide Applicators License

Botanical therapeutics and metabolic disease

Thu., December 21

Exam Days (Day 7 of 7)

Common Sense Business and Pricing Strategies for Landscape Contractors

Fri., December 22

Winter Farm Market

Sat., December 23

Sun., December 24

Mon., December 25

Christmas Day - University Closed

Tue., December 26

University Closed

Wed., December 27

University Closed

Thu., December 28

University Closed

Fri., December 29

University Closed

Sat., December 30

Sun., December 31


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