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Sun., April 1

Mon., April 2

Forcing Mechanism for the Partitioning of Atmospheric and Oceanic Heat Tran...

Tue., April 3

Effective Emergency Communications

Wed., April 4

Motor Control Circuits: Wiring to Troubleshooting

Thu., April 5

Dr. Christopher Solomon - A framework for understanding lake food web produ...

Motor Control Circuits: Wiring to Troubleshooting

Fri., April 6

The Biotic and Abiotic Effects of the Soil Environment on Blacklegged Tick ...

Development of paper microfluidics test method for rapid evaluation of oil ...

Key process parameters on Kombucha's bioactives and flavor quality

Fermentation Seminar:

Motor Control Circuits: Wiring to Troubleshooting

Sat., April 7

Shrubs for NJ Gardens

Sun., April 8

Mon., April 9

Basic Chainsaw Safety

Tue., April 10

Water Loss Management

Wed., April 11

Vapor Intrusion in New Jersey - The New Technical Guidance Document

Mosquito Habitat Recognition

Recycling Collection Techniques

Thu., April 12

Succession Planning

Dr. Katie Malcolm - Title TBA

Recycling Collection Techniques

Fri., April 13

Plant Biology Core Seminar: Auxentic: A hormonal mechanism for reproductive...

Fermentation Seminar: Metagenomic Approaches for Global Anti-microbial Resi...

Influence of water antimicrobials and storage conditions on inactivating MS...

Electrospinning of milk proteins with a polysaccharide pullulan

Sat., April 14

The Bulbs of Summer - Produce the Garden of Your Wildest Dreams from Bulbs,...

Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants - Caring for the Gems of the Garden

Sun., April 15

Mon., April 16

Radon Measurement Proficiency Course

Tue., April 17

Alternate Recycling Certification Series

ALC Workshop: Tanner's 21 Strategies

Radon Measurement Proficiency Course

Wed., April 18

Microbiology for the Non-Biologist

Bending Toward Justice: Food Charity and Public Policy

Radon Mitigation Proficiency Course

Thu., April 19

CORE Training Program for the NJ Pesticide Applicators License

Dr. Mary Katherine (Katy) Gonder - Title TBA

Radon Mitigation Proficiency Course

Fri., April 20

Molecular Insights Into the Evolution of Mosquito Preference for Human Odor

Winter Farm Market

Plant Biology Core Seminar: Engineering Protein Glycosylation in Plants

Mass spectrometric determination of photolytic decomposition products of UV...

Edible pickering emulsions stabilized by ovotransferrin - gum arabic comple...

Fermentation Seminar: Changes in the gut microbiota of urban subjects durin...

Radon Mitigation Proficiency Course

Sat., April 21

En Plein Air – Creating Art in the Gardens

Sun., April 22

Mon., April 23

Tue., April 24

Wed., April 25

Thu., April 26

Improving Your Grant Writing Skills

Water & Wastewater Chemistry: Back to the Basics

Fri., April 27

Plant Biology Core Seminar : The genetic architecture of maize domesticatio...

Construction and characterization of emulsion stabilized by oil body protei...

Influence of processing parameters and food microstructure on high pressure...

Fermentation Seminar: As they say; keep your friends close and your enemies...

Sat., April 28

Sun., April 29

Mon., April 30


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