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Mon., April 1

Effective Environmental Field Sampling and Data Collection

Can a record of Ocean Chemistry be preserved in Oceanic Crust?

Immune - Reproduction Nexus - Factors affecting pregnancy success in farm a...

Tue., April 2

2019 NEFS Graduate Student Conference

Basic Chainsaw Safety

Wed., April 3

Effective Emergency Communications

Info Table at CSC

CEKADA Lecture: Halprin on the Anacostia – An Experiment in Design and...

Thu., April 4

Vapor Intrusion in New Jersey - The New Technical Guidance Document

EcoGSA Eminent Ecologist Seminar: Dr. Marlene Zuk

ArcGIS: Editing & Data Development

Fri., April 5

Roadside and Right-of-Way Vegetation Management

Applications of insect sensory ecology for pest management: the case of spo...

Cooks' Market - Winter Farm Market

Fermentation Seminar

Sat., April 6

Small Trees and Large Shrubs for the Garden

Ricketts Glen Camp & Hike

Sun., April 7

Ringing Rocks Hike

Ricketts Glen Camp & Hike

Mon., April 8

Internal tide-driven mixing: processes, parameterizations, and impacts

Tue., April 9

Water Loss Management

Wed., April 10

The Department of Nutritional Sciences presents The 2019 Hans Fisher Lectur...

Thu., April 11

Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program Seminar: Dr. Jennifer Dunne

Fri., April 12

EAB Graduate Program

Distribution and Ecology of Forensically Important Blow Flies in Sicily and...

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Rhizophagy cycle: A cryptic system in plants for extraction of nutrients fr...

The Oceans X10: Life At The Limit Of Salinity

Rock Climbing Overnight Camping

Sat., April 13

Container Vegetable & Fruit Gardening

The Bulbs of Summer - Produce the Garden of Your Wildest Dreams from Bulbs,...

Rock Climbing Overnight Camping

Sun., April 14

Storm King Mountain Hike

Spring Festival

Mon., April 15

Production, Export, and Oceanic Impacts of Greenland’s glacial meltwat...

Tue., April 16

Basic Electrical Print Reading

Wed., April 17

Water & Wastewater Chemistry: Back to the Basics

April is National Social Security Month: What Everyone Needs to Know About...

Hemp Entrepreneurship

Recycling Collection Techniques

Thu., April 18

CORE Training Program for the NJ Pesticide Applicators License

Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program Seminar: Dr. Doug Zemeckis

Recycling Collection Techniques

Fri., April 19

Cholesterol and Microdomains in Borrelia

Cooks' Market - Winter Farm Market

Sat., April 20

Bikes N' Brews

Sun., April 21

Mount Tammany Hike

Mon., April 22

Waves and turbulence and navigational signals for dispersing larvae

Tue., April 23

Wed., April 24

Microbiology for the Non-Biologist

Different Ways of Measuring Success in Farmland Preservation

Recycling: Improving Your Management and Leadership Skills

Thu., April 25

Succession Planning

Ecology and Evolution Graduate Program Seminar: Dr. Nicholas Dulvy

Recycling: Improving Your Management and Leadership Skills

Fri., April 26

Fermentation Seminar: Consequences of antibiotic perturbations of the early...

Sat., April 27

Ag Field Day at Rutgers Day

Horseback Riding

Sun., April 28

Hacklebarney Hiking

Mon., April 29

Tue., April 30

Alternate Recycling Certification Series


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