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Rutgers SEBS Calendar: Talks, Lectures, Seminars

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May 2021
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Sat., May 1


Sun., May 2


Mon., May 3


Tue., May 4


Wed., May 5


Thu., May 6


Fri., May 7

Sat., May 8

Sun., May 9

Mon., May 10

Combining lipidomics and genetics: from disease diagnosis to antibiotic res...

Tue., May 11

Wed., May 12

Thu., May 13

Fri., May 14

Leveraging food matrix and genetic variation in phytochemical bioavailabili...

Microbial Expression of Recombinant TmrA; a Chloroform Reducing Reductive D...

Sat., May 15

Sun., May 16

Mon., May 17

Tue., May 18

Wed., May 19

Thu., May 20

SEBS Virtual Learning Experience: Microbiomes and the Effect of Urbanizatio...

Fri., May 21

Tell Your Science Story: Empowering Scientists to Document and Communicat...

Sat., May 22

Sun., May 23

Mon., May 24

Tue., May 25

Wed., May 26

Thu., May 27

Fri., May 28

Sat., May 29

Sun., May 30

Mon., May 31


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