Friday, January 29

Quantifying The Role That Terrestrial Ecosystems Play in Earth's Climate

Speaker: Dr. Abigail L S Swann

When: 2:30–3:30 p.m.

Where: Virtual - 223, Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences, George H. Cook Campus

Sponsor: Dept. of Environmental Science, Anthony Broccoli

Contact: Jeannie Nicewicz, 848-932-5762

Monday, February 1

Enterocyte lipid metabolism in intestinal health and disease

Speaker: Gilles Storelli, PhD CECAD Research Center, Cologne, Germany

When: 2 p.m.

Where: Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health (IFNH), George H. Cook Campus

Sponsor: Rutgers Center for Lipid Research

Contact: George Carman, 848-932-0267

DMCS Spring 2021 Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr. Raymond Torres

When: 3:45–4:45 p.m.

Where: Virtual, Marine Sciences Building, George H. Cook Campus

Sponsor: Department of Marine and Coastal Science

Contact: QUINTIN DIOU-CASS, 207-213-3373